of the Channel Islands

NOTE: 1. The titles of published books are in bold type, the remainder are various scientific journal articles

2. An extensive general list of biological and historical records follows this botanical list

3. Lists of Alderney articles in La Société Guernesiaise and The Guernsey Society records

All lists updated 8.1.2015

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Bonnard, B.; 2002 The Wild Flowers of Alderney. Published by the author on CD-Rom, with 863 photos and 652 distribution maps in 1Km squares. Available only on CD-Rom, direct from the author. See details on website. CD are frequently updated with additional records and new photos included as they are produced.

Bonnard, B.; 2005 A Very Wild Island A 260+ page book about the ecology of the island, with about 390 illustrations, details of the new Ramsar site and lists of flora and fauna species found in and around the island. This can be read in the books section on my website in a form which cannot be saved or printed. Available otherwise only on CD-Rom as a © .pdf file which can be printed if required. This can be obtained from myself at £15 plus P&P, or from the Alderney Wildlife Trust shop in Victoria Street

Bonnard, B; 2007 The Wild Flowers of Alderney. A greatly expanded, update of the 1988 Flora as a 250 page A5 ring-bound book with laminated covers, computer printed, with some photographs. Available from the Alderney Wildlife Trust shop, or printed to order direct from the author, see the books list on this site.

Bonnard, B; 2008 The Wildflowers of Alderney. A 258 page, A5, perfect-bound book, with CHECKLISTS, including the 1,052 flowering plants recorded since 1824, with their distribution on the island, the trees, ferns, mosses, liverworts, lichens and seaweeds, found in the wild on Alderney, its shores and its off-islets. 95 colour plates, etc. See the books list on this site.

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The reader is also referred to the many other articles published in the annual Bulletin Annuel of the Société Jersiaise from 1873-2000, the annual Transactions of La Société Guernesiaise from 1882-2001 (listed below), both of which also have an annual Botanical Section Report, (the Guernsey reports usually include Alderney, Sark, Herm and lesser island reports) and the various Bulletins of the Alderney Society from 1966 to 2001, published quarterly at first and annually from 1989.


List of all the Botanical Articles in the Transactions

of La Société Guernesiaise

Note; A few of these are also included in the lists above and below

1882- 1889 45 I 1 The ferns of Guernsey. G.T. Derrick.
1882- 1889 89 I 1 List of flowering plants found in Guernsey. G.T. Derrick.
1889 133 I 2 The Flora of Herm. E.D. Marquand.
1890 80 II 1 The Flora of Jethou. E.D. Marquand.
1891 129 II 2 The Flora of Guernsey. E.D. Marquand.
1892 188 II 3 The Mosses, Hepaticæ and Lichens of Guernsey. E.D. Marquand.
1893 280 II 4 The Diatoms of Guernsey. E.D. Marquand.
1894 371 II 5 The Algae of Guernsey. E.D. Marquand.
1895 40 III 1 Wild Flowers in December. E.D. Marquand.
1896 101 III 2 The Flora of Sark. G.T. Derrick.
1897 166 III 3 Additions to the Flora of Sark. G.T. Derrick.
1897 197 III 3 The Fungi of Guernsey. E.D. Marquand.
1898 262 III 4 Additions to the Sark Flora, 1889. G.T. Derrick.
1898 278 III 4 Additional Guernsey Fungi. E.D. Marquand.
1898 291 III 4 On the Rubi and Rosæ of the Channel Islands. Rev. W. Moyle Rogers and F.A. Rogers.
1899 361 III 5 The Flora of Alderney. E.D. Marquand.
1900 32 IV 1 Two grasses new to the Channel Islands. C.R.P. Andrews.
1902 145 IV 3 Additions to the flora of Alderney. E.D. Marquand.
1902 163 IV 3 The Flora of the island of Brecqhou. C.P. Hurst.
1903 223 IV 4 The mosses and hepaticae of Sark. E.D. Marquand.
1903 266 IV 4 Further additions to the flora of Alderney. E.D. Marquand.
1904 363 IV 5 Additions to the flora of Herm. E.D. Marquand.
1904 400 IV 5 The fauna and flora of the Sarnian Islands.  
1906 207 V 2 The mosses and hepaticae of Jethou. E.D. Marquand.
1906 226 V 2 Salvia Marquandii G.C. Druce.
1907 323 V 3 Primrose flowers - a study of pin-centres and rose-centres. E.D. Marquand.
1908 441 V 4 Botanical notes. E.D. Marquand.
1909 25 VI 1 The submerged peat and forest beds of the Channel Islands. J. Sinel.
1909 38 VI 1 The vegetation of small islets. E.D. Marquand.
1909 88 VI 1 Notes on mosses, hepaticae and lichens from the Channel Islands. P.G.M. Rhodes.
1910 188 VI 2 Rambles in Sark in search of wild flowers. E.D. Marquand.
1923 266 IX 3 The vegetation of small islets. J.R. le B. Tomlin.
1925 490 IX 5 Some further additions to the Marine Algae of Guernsey. L. Lyle.
1930 37 XI 1 The Guernsey lily. H. de Sausmarez.
1930 55 XI 1 Seashore plant associations at L'Ancresse Bay. K. Rees.
1931 163 XI 2 Some weeds of cultivation in sandy soils. K. Rees.
1935 337 XII 3 The history and cultivation of the tomato in Guernsey. E.A. Wheadon.

284 XIII 3 Development of the Bulb and Flower Industry in Guernsey. P.J. Girard.
1949 376 XIV 4 A note on peat in Guernsey. J.F. Warren.
1951 126 XV 2 The Guernsey grape industry. P.J. Girard.
1957 289 XVI 3 A short history of fungus diseases of tomatoes in Guernsey glass houses, with special attention to the wilt diseases. E.A. Wheadon.
1962 303 XVII 3 A checklist of flowering plants and ferns wild on Sark and its off-islets. F. le Sueur and D. McClintock.
1964 553 XVII 5 Flowering plants and ferns of Guernsey Cliffs. P.J. Girard.
1964 565 XVII 5 A check list of the Flowering Plants and ferns wild on Alderney and its off-islets. F. Le Sueur and D. McClintock.
1967 167 XVIII 2 Discovery of a rare fern. P.J. Girard.
1969 375 XVIII 4 Hepatic flora of Guernsey. J.A. Paton.
1972 212 XIX 2 The Guernsey spleenwort - a new fern hybrid. A. Sleep and P. Ryan.
1973 269 XIX 3 The Guernsey lily. A.H. Ewen and A.R. de Carteret.
1983 382 XXI 3 Charophytes (stoneworts) in Guernsey. J.A. Moore.
1985 675 XXI 5 A new double-flowered sea campion. P.J. Girard.
1985 698 XXI 5 The Guernsey Millet. D. McClintock.
1985 729 XXI 5 Trees and shrubs in the Caledonia Nursery. R. Waterman. and C. Helyar.

110 XXII 1 The dwarf spurrey of Jersey and Guernsey. D. McClintock.
1987 296 XXII 2 Hottentot fig (carpobrotus edulis) in Guernsey. C.D. Preston.
1988 434 XXII

3 The wild and naturalised plants of Brecqhou. D. McClintock.

477 XXII 3 Taking a look at isoetes histix. P. Ryan.
1989 628

XXII 4 The spread of bracken (pteridium aquilinum) in Burhou Island, Alderney from 1973 to 1978. M.G. Hill.
1989 679 XXII 4 Fungi of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. R. Watling.
1993 493 XXIII 3 A Flora of Herm and its Off-Islets. J. Le Hucquet.
1994 724 XXIII 4 The Guernsey Fern. N. Jee.
1994 754 XXIII 4 A New Check List of Flowering Plants & Ferns wild on Sark. M.H. Marsden.
1997 262 XXIV 2 Nature Conservation in Guernsey G.F. Caldwell
1999 657 XXIV 4 Lichens of Sark P. James, A. Allen & B. Hilton
2001 112 XXV 1 Ophrys sphegodes on Herm Rumsey, F.J.
2001 116 XXV 1 Lichens of Alderney P. James, A. Allen & B. Hilton
2002 317 XXV 2 Bryophytes of Sark Veall, R. & Stern, R.
2003 492 XXV 3 David, C.T., Gilmour, K.J. & Ozanne, B.J Habitats, Plants and Invertebrates of Burhou
2003 512 XXV 3 Lichens of Herm P. James, A. Allen & B. Hilton


List of all the Botanical Articles in the Bulletins

of The Alderney Society

Year Page Volume Title of Article Author(s)
      The Bulletins were first produced on a duplicator, (usually quarterly, with pages numbered in sequence), and stapled together, from Volume I in 1966 to Volume IV in 1969. From then it was properly printed and stapled in a yellow cover by the Guernsey Press until the funds ran out after volume VII and the duplicator was resuscitated for several years.

It has been an annual publication since Volume XXIV was produced in 1989

Ken and Peggy Wilson, joint Curators of the Alderney Society Museum, produced this and wrote much of the content until they retired after Volume XXIII no.1
1970 16 V no.2 General notes  
1972 2 VII no.1 Choice of Trees for Alderney Gardens Ernest Biggs
22 VII no.2 Euphorbia Peplis  
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1966-87 1-38   Index to Volumes I-XXII Brian Bonnard (Pub 1988)
    From this point the 'Bulletins' were issued Annually, in a properly bound format  
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      These are no longer accepted for Transactions as they are published in The Alderney Society Bulletin  



Including some of the natural history references already given above


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The Alderney Society Museum holds both contemporary and modern copies of many of the ancient Charters, Maps, Orders in Council, Court Records, etc. which have been consulted in the writing of this History, and in addition, many recent and contemporary documents and publications.

In the references above, T.S.G. before the date, indicates publication in La Société Guernesiaise 'Transactions', for that year. A full list of Alderney references in these, is given below and a complete set from it's formation in 1882 is held both by the author and the Museum.

Many issues of the Quarterly Review of The Guernsey Society, contain an article concerning Alderney. A complete set from 1966 (Volume XXII) is held, and extracts from others. A list of the principal references is appended below.

A German Occupation, Press Cuttings book, and 7 large books of Press cuttings mainly concerning Alderney, together with sundry documents, maps, postcards, pamphlets and photographs, presented to The Alderney Society by Victor Coysh, is at the Alderney Museum.

The various newspapers and periodicals which have been published both in Guernsey and Alderney over the years have been extensively consulted for contemporary accounts of many happenings.

The Alderney references contained in the 'Bulletin's of La Société Jersiaise from 1873 to 1939, have been copied by the author, and a complete set of this publication from 1940 to date is held at the Museum.





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  Annual records



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Reference should also be made to the annual 'Section Reports' in each volume.


Alderney References in The Review of the Guernsey Society

Year Volume No. Page Author Title of article
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1960     70   Town Crier (photo only)
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1961     13   Sauchet Lane (photo only)
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2001   2 61   Obituary Dr. Jean Bonnard
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