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Extract from a report compiled by Juan Salado Tuero, Licenciado en Ciencias del Mar.

In January 2003, after lengthy debate the States of Alderney formally requested, through its land management committee (the General Services Committee), that the Alderney Wildlife Trust investigate the possibility of a Ramsar Site for Alderney. However, the Committee also stipulated that the States of Alderney would not be prepared to allocate resources for the Ramsar application process until it could be assured that such an application would be successful.

In response the following objectives were identified:

§ Identify the area most suited for Ramsar designation; initial research pointed to the areas around and between Clonque Bay, Hannaine Bay, Les Etacs, Ortac, and Burhou

§ Establish what data is available for that area; it was quickly established that in the past there had been minimal research within this area and as a result little scientific data recorded; with the exception of bird ringing data from Les Etac, Ortac and Burhou, though this data has traditionally been held in Guernsey.

Therefore the Trust undertook to complete a baseline study of the flora and fauna for proposed site in order to get the data required for the JNCC's approval.

To this end Juan Salado Tuero (Licenciado en Ciencias del Mar) was employed by the Trust to complete a baseline study for the Clonque and Hannaine Bay areas.

§ Approach the Joint Nature Conservancy Council with the results of the baseline study.

§ Upon gaining approval from the JNCC, to lobby the States of Alderney for the designation of a Ramsar site.

The Trust commenced the study in July 2003 and is grateful to Bridget Ozanne (Biological Records Centre Officer, Societe Guernesiaise) and Charles David (Vice President, Societe Guernesiaise) who both visited Alderney in late September 2003 to assist in the work. With their expertise it has been possible to classify some invertebrates within this area; however, the survey has so far concentrated largely on identifying algae.

The Trust is also in the process of collecting all ornithological data in relation to the proposed Ramsar site, especially for Burhou, Les Etac and Ortac because of the importance of their bird colonies upon which a future Ramsar application is likely to rest.


To date species lists have been completed as follows:


§ 83 species of Algae

§ 12 Clorophyta

§ 22 Phaeophyta

§ 49 Rhodophyta

§ approximately 15 non classified specimens

§ 15 species of Lichen


No flowering plants have been included in this application, although a very extensive database of these exists, on the part of Alderney, both on and adjacent to, the shore and also of each of the offshore islands and islets within the proposed site. This has been developed over more than 20 years by Brian Bonnard, BSBI (Botanical Society of the British Isles) recorder for Alderney, and was studied by Juan Tuero during his researches.

N.B. 98 Algae and Lichen species have been identified within an estimated 55% of the total Clonque and Hannaine Bay areas.

(See lists of Algae, Invertebrates and birds recorded in the site which follow)


§ 59 species of invertebrates


Initial results strongly support the Trust's belief that the proposed site would qualify for Ramsar status. However, whilst it is likely that the States of Alderney would support a future application, it would seem doubtful that they would be prepared to support the effort to collect the necessary data.

(This proved to be the case and the AWT found, and paid the costs of, the experts involved in the surveys and the preparation of the application.)


('x' indicates which bay found in Hannaine [single space after name], or Clonque [two spaces after name], or both)


Blidingia minimun x

Enteromorpha intestinalis x x

Enteromorpha linza x

Spongomorpha aeruginosa x

Ulva lactuca x x

Chaetomorpha aerea x

Chaetomorpha linum x x

Chaetomorpha tetragona x

Cladophora sp x x

Cladophora rupestris x x

Codium fragile x

Codium tomentosum x x


Laurencia pinnatifida x

Halidrys siliquosa x

Petalonia fascia x

Alaria esculenta x

Desmarestia aculeata x

Cystoseira baccata x

Cystoseira tamariscifolia x

Fucus vesiculosus x

Ascophyllum nodosum x

Ectocarpus sp x

Ralfsia verrucosa x x

Laminaria digitata x x

Saccorhiza (polyschides) bulbosus x x

Cladostephus verticillatus x x

Fucus serratus x x

Fucus spiralis x x

Pelvetia canaliculata x x

Himanthalia elongata x x

Bifurcaria bifurcata x x

Cystoseira nodicaulis x

Cystoseira placata x

Sargassum muticum x x


Calliblepharis jubata x

Phycodrys rubens x

Halymenia latifolia x

Palmaria palmata x

Heterosiphonia plumosa x

Delesseria sanguinea x

Gracilaria verrucosa x

Plumaria elegans x

Porphyria leucosticta x

Calliblepharis ciliata x

Callophyllis laciniata x

Sphaerococus coronipifolius x

Polisiphonia simulans x

Hildebrandia x

Ceramium ciliatum x

Cystoclonium purpureum x

Gastroclonium ovatum x

Halurus equisetifolius x

Plocamium coccineum x

Dilsea carnosa x

Gelidium latifolium x x

Gelidium pusillum x x

Furcellaria lumbricalis x x

Catenella caespitosa x x

Plocamium cartilagineum x x

Audoinellia floridula x x

Ahnfeltia plicata x x

Chondrus crispus x x

Mastocarpus pistillata x x

Mastocarpus stellata x x

Corallina elongata x x

Corallina officinalis x x

Mesophyllum x x

Lithothamnion sp x x

Asparagopsis armata x x

Lomentaria articulata x x

Ceramium sp x

Ceramium rubrum x x

Cryptopleura ramosa x x

Halopithys incurvus x

Osmundea pinnatifida x

Porphyria umbilicalis x x

Gracilaria gracilis x


Lichina pygmaea

Verrucaria maura

Verrucaria mucosa

Xanthoria parietina

Xanthoria ectaneoides

Pertusaria pseudocorallina

Pertusaria sp

Rhizocarpon richardii

Buellia subdisciformis

Rinodina luridescens

Tephromela atra

Lecanora actophila

Caloplaca marina

Caloplaca thallincola

Ramalina siliquosa

Invertebrate records

.......................Clonque Hannaine Burhou English name



1 Halichondria panicea x x



2 Actinia equina x x x Beadlet Anemone

3 Actinia fragacea x Strawberry Anemone

4 Actinia prasina x x Perhaps just a green form of equina

5 Anemonia viridis x x x Snakelocks Anemone

6 Aulactinia verrucosa x Gem Anemone


7 Cereus pedunculatus x Daisy Anemone

8 Actinothoe sphyrodeta x x (the small white one)


9 Caryyophyllea smithi x Devonshire Cup Coral



10 Bugula turbinata x



11 Arenicola marina x


12 Lanice conchilega x



13 Chthalamus stellatus x x

14 Semibalanus balanoides x x

15 Balanus crenatus x


16 Halophiloscia couchi x In shingle at top of beach, new


17 Porcellio scaber x x

18 Ligia oceanica x x

19 Idotea granulosa x


20 Caprella acanthifera x


21 Palaeomon serratus x Prawn


22 Hyppolyte varians x x red or green prawn


23 Galathea squamifera x x Squat Lobster


24 Pisidia longicornis x x Smooth Porcelain Crab

25 Porcellana platycheles x Hairy Porcelain Crab


26 Cancer pagurus x x Chancre


27 Necora puber x x Lady Crab

28 Carcinus maenas x x Shore Crab


29 Pilumnus hirtellus x x Hairy Crab



30 Strigamia maritima x



31 Gibbula magus x x

32 Gibbula cineraria x x

33 Gibbula pennanti x x

34 Gibbula umbilicalis x x

35 ? Monodonta lineata ? Thick topshell

36 Osilinus lineatus x x Unusually large specimens compared

with rest of Bailiwick

37 Calliostoma ziziphinum x x


38 Patella sp x x

The three species are probably all present (39,40)

41 Helcion pellucida x x Blue-rayed Limpet


42 Littorina littorea x Edible periwinkle

43 Littorina litoralis x Flat periwinkle

44 Littorina obtusata x x

45 Littorina saxatilis agg. x x

46 Melarhaphe neritoides x


47 Ocenebra erinacea x

48 Nucella lapillus x Dog Whelk


49 Buccinum undatum x x Whelk (dead shell only)


50 Onchidella celtica x


51 Chlamys varia x


52 Lasaea adansoni x



53 Clunio marinus x x


54 Aphrosylus celtica x x

55 Aphrosylus ferox x x new record to Alderney

56 Aphrosylus raptor x new record to Alderney


57 Orygma luctuosum x



58 Asterina gibbosa x Cushion Star



59 Botryllus schlosseri x x

These records have been collected by:

B. J. Ozanne, Guernsey Biological Records Centre.

C. David, Guernsey Biological Records Centre.

Juan Salado Tuero, Alderney Wildlife Trust.


Species Locations Population Status Source

Storm petrel Burhou 60+ SPEC, BL JNCC

Gannet Ortac, Les Etac 4850 SPEC, BL, BI LSG

Cormorant Little Burhou 1 BL, WL LSG

Shag Burhou,

Little B.,

Les Etacs 44 BL, BI LSG

Kittiwake Les Etacs,

Ortac 16 BR LSG

LBB Gull Burhou,

Little B. 273 BL, BI LSG

Herring Gull Les Etacs,


Little B. 105 BDMp, BL LSG

GBB Gull Burhou,

Little Burhou 32 LSG

Guillemot Les Etacs,

Ortac 105 BI LSG

Razor Bill Les Etacs,

Ortac 17 BL, BI LSG

Puffin Burhou,

Little Burhou 280 SPEC, BL LSG

LSG, Le Societe Guernesiaise.

JNCC, Millennium Bird Survey

* Status:

SPEC, Species with unfavourable conservation status in Europe

BL, ³ 50% of UK breeding population in 10 or fewer sites, but not rare breeders.

BI, ³ 20% of European breeding population in UK.

BR, Five-year mean of 1-300 breeding pairs in UK.

BDMp, Moderate (25-49%) decline in UK breeding population over last 25 years.


Figure 130. Clonque and Hannaine Bays at sunset



Figure 131. Hannaine Bay from the cliffs



Figure 132. Clonque Bay looking north



. Figure 133. Fort Clonque; Casquets, Ortac and Burhou on the horizon



Figure 134. Les Etacs, (the "Gannet Rocks")

See also figures 3, 10, 127 and 128 for other views of the site


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