Corrections to the original work & all New Records since 1988

1. ADDITIONS 1988/2003

p.1 above Isoetaceae insert; Selaginellaceae: and add; Selaginella kraussiana Sq.8 Foot of church. JP 1994 p. vr.

p.3 below Thuja plicata add; X Cupressocyparus leylandii Much used in hedging

p.4 below Laurus nobilis insert; BERBERIDACEAE and add; Berberis vulgaris Sq. 4. BB 1988 es. r. 5-7. Conf. D. McC.

add; Berberis darwinii Sq. 4 DB 1994 es. r. 10-4.

p.5 below FUMARIACEAE add; Pseudofumaria lutea Sq. 8. BB 1990 p. vr. 5-8. Conf. D. McC.

p.6 below Cardamine hirsuta add; C. pratensis Sq.7 in gravel stream bed BB 2002 a. vlf. 4-5.

p.8 below S. nutans add; Silene armeria Sq. 13. CJ 1993 a. vr. 6-8. Conf. D. McC.

p.9 below Montia (Claytonia) sibirica add; Portulaca oleracea Sq. 10 in gravel by The Old Barn ML 2001 p. vr 7-8

below Carpobrotus edulis add; C. glaucescens. p. o. Similar distribution etc.

below Lampranthus add; Aptenia cordiifolia Sq. 8. BB 1992 p. r. 6-9.

p.11 below Geranium pratense add; G. x oxonianum Sq. 8. BB 1994 p. r. 6-8.

below G x magnificum add; G. endressii x oxonianum Sq. 8. BB 1988 p. vr. 8-11. Conf. P. Yeo.

above G. robertianum add; G. lucidum Sq. 7. DB 1997 a. vr. 5-9.

p.13 below L. latifolius add; L. grandiflorus Sq. 5. BB 1988 p. r. 6-8. Conf. D. McC.

p.14 below L. uliginosus insert; L. subbiflorus (L. hispidus) Hairy Birdsfoot-trefoil CCB 1838. Cliffs & low coast p o 6-7.

p.15 below P. x mixta add; Fragaria vesca Sq. 8. BB 1997 p. vr. 6-8.

Onobrychis viciifolia, last record pre 1908 add; Refound TD 2002 Sq. 9 escape from fodder crop. Previous record 1937

p.16 below R. micrantha add; Prunus cerasifera Sqs. 8, 9. BB 1997 dt. vr. 2-4. Conf. Dr. A.C. Leslie.

below P. avium add; P. cerasus Sq. 8. RB 1997 dt. vr. 3-4. Conf. Dr. A.C. Leslie.

below Crataegus monogyna add; C. pedicellata Sq. 8. BB 1991 dt. vr. 5-6. Conf. B. Wurzell.

below Umbilicus rupestris add; Aeonium x velutinum. Sq. 5. BB 1991 p. vr. 6-9. Conf. Dr. A.C. Leslie.

p.17 below SAXIFRAGACEAE add; Bergenia sp. Sq. 4. BB 1987 p. r. 10-2.

below GROSSULARIACEAE add; Ribes nigrum Sqs. 4,9. BB 1989 ds. r. 3-5.

below R. nigrum add; R. sanguineum Sq. 6. BB 1989 ds. vr. 3-5.

below Hippophae rhamnoides add; Elaeagnus commutata Sq. 13. BB 1996 ds. vr. 6-7.

below Elaeagnus glabra add; Elaeagnus ebbingei Sq. 8. BB 1988 es. r. 10-12.

below E. lanceolatum add; E. palustre Sq. 5. E. side pond BB 1992 vlf. 6-8. Conf. D. McC.

p.18 below HALORAGIDACEAE add; Myriophyllum aquaticum Sq. 4. BB 1988 p. r. 7-9. Conf. C. Jermy.

below M. spicatum insert; GUNNERACEAE.

below Gunnera tinctoria insert; MYRTACEAE and add; Myrtus ugni Sq. 5. HH. 1997 es. vr. 5-6. Conf. D. McC.

p.19 below A. nodiflorum add; A. nodiflorum var. pseudorepens Sq. 5. BB 1992 p. r. 7-8 Conf. D. McC.

below Cucurbita pepo insert; HYDROPHYLLACEAE, then add; Phacelia tanacetifolia Sq. 12. BB 1994 a. vr. 6-7.

p.23 below P. vulgaris add; Cyclamen hederifolium Sqs. 4,5,7,8. BH 1988 p. vr. 8-10.Conf. D. McC.

below A. arvensis add; A. arvensis subsp. caerulea AT 1981 a. vr. Conf. by photo.

p.24 below S. x uplandicum add; Symphytum tuberosum. Sq. 8. (Churchyard). BB 1995. p. r. 5-8.

p.25 below Echium vulgare add; E. plantagineum. Sq. 7. BB 1996. a/b. vr. 6-7. Conf D. McC.

above Cuscuta epithymum insert; CUSCUTACEAE.

below Datura stramonium add; D. stramonium var. tatula Sq. 2 BB 2001 a. alien casual 7-8. Conf. ML

below Nicotiana rustica add; N. alata Sq. 9. BB 1988. Conf. D. McC.

p.26 *V. filiformis BB 1987 add; BB 2003, short grass in lawns 1st confirmed record 30.4.03

below V. filiformis insert; Hebe salicifolia DMcC 1963. es. r. 3-12.

p.27 below Orobanchaceae add; ACANTHACEAE Acanthus mollis Sq. 11 single plant on Giffoine BB1998 p. vr 6-9

below M. villoso-nervata add; Mentha longifolia Sq. 8. BB 1988 p. r. 8-9 Conf. D. McC.

p.28 below Lamium purpureum add; Lamiastrum galeobdolon Sq. 7. BB 1993 p. vr. 4-7. Conf. D. McC.

below Campanula portenschlagiana add; C. porscharschiana Sq. 8. BB 1992 same habitats etc. Conf. D. McC.

p.29 below L. periclymenum add; L. periclymenum var.quercifolia Sq. 7. BB 1988 p. r. 6-10. Conf. D. McC.

below COMPOSITAE add; Helianthus annuus Sq. 9. BB 1988. & H. tuberosum Sq 7. BB 1989 b/p. vr. 8-10. D. McC.

p.30 below Calendula officinalis add; Helichrysum petiolare Sq. 4. BB 1993 ps. vlf. 7-9.

p.31 below Cirsium acaule add; Onopordum acanthium Sq. 8. FE 1991 b. vr. 7-8. Conf. D. McC.

below C. nigra ssp. nemoralis add; Centaurea cineraria Sq. 8. MK 1995. p. vr. 6-9. Conf. Dr. A.C. Leslie.

p.32 below P. hieracoides add; P. hieracoides var. nana Sqs. 2,3,4. Refound BB 1988. GCD 1906 b/p. lf 7 to 9. Conf. D McC p.33 above Muscari comosum add; Muscari armeniacum Sq. 10. BB 1997 p. r. 2-4.

below Muscari comosum add; Tristagma uniflorum Sq. 10. BB 1988 p. r. 2-4. Conf. D. McC.

below Tristagma uniflorum add; Crinum powelli Sq. 3. prob. planted 1950s BB 1994 bu. vr. 8-10.

p.35 top line; add Narcissus-pseudonarcissus Sq. 4. planted c 1950 BB 1988. Only site.

below I. pseudacorus add; I. germanica Sq. 5. verge nr. Lighthouse. Probably planted. BB 1989 p. vr. 5-7.

below Dracunculus vulgaris add; Zantedeschia aethiopica Sq. 8. BB 1990 p. r 2,(5-8),10.

below Lemna minor add; L. minuta Sq. 7. BB 1993 p. vr. 6-7. Conf. Dr. A.C. Leslie.

below Gladiolus communis add; Ixia paniculata Sq. 10 in grassy bank for several years BB 1999 p. vr. 5-6

p.36 below Carex arenaria add; C. disticha Sq. 4. ML 1996 p. vla. 6-8. Conf. C. Jermy.

below Carex pendula add; C. pseudocyperus Sq. 4. BB 1992 p. vr. 6-8 Conf. C. Jermy.

below Conyza canadensis add; C. sumatrensis Sqs. 5&7. ML 2000 a. o. 8-10.

p.37 below P. pratensis add; P. angustifolia Sq. 8. TR 1990. p. r. 5-7. Conf. T. Rich.

p.38 below B. x pseudothominii add; Bromopsis erecta Sq.5. EMcD 1997. p. vr. 5-6

below B. sylvaticum insert; Ceratochloa carinata. Sq. 4. JP 1979. Only record

p.39 below E. farctus add; Leymus arenarius Sq. 1. BB 1993 p. vlc. 7-8. Conf. D. McC.

p.40 below Phragmites add; Cortaderia selloana Sq. 9. self-seeding from planted specimens upstream, BB 1988 p o 8-11.

below Echinochloa crusgalli add; Setaria viridis Sq. 4. ML 1992 a. r. 7-8. Conf. D. McC.

below Sorghum bicolor add; S. halapense Sq. 7. BB 1992 p. vr. 7-8. Conf. D. McC.

below S. halapense add; Zea mays Sq. 7. BB 1995 a. vr. 8-9.


There have been some changes of nomenclature since 1988 which are noted here. The taxonomic sequence has also been revised by Prof. Stace. This cannot be altered in this volume, but will be used in a new edition in due course..

p.1 Asplenium scolopendrium; now known as Phyllitis scolopendrium. A. billotii; now known as A. obovatum.

p.4 Delphinium ambiguum; now known as Consolida ambigua. Thalictrum minus; delete ssp. minus.

p.5 CRUCIFERAE now changed to BRASSICACEAE. Escholzia; should read Eschscholzia.

p.6 Nasturtium species are now known as Rorippa. Aubretia deltoides; should read Aubrieta deltoidea.

Cheiranthus cheiri; now known as Erysimum cheiri. Cardaria draba; now known as Lepidium draba.

p.7 HYPERICACEAE now changed to CLUSIACEAE. Hypericum linarifolium; should read H. linariifolium.

p.8 S. gallica ssp. quinquevulnera; should read S. gallica var. quinquevulnera. S. vulgaris ssp. maritima; now S. uniflora.

p.9 Montia siberica; now called Claytonia sibirica. Lampranthus multiradiatus; is now called L. roseus again.

p.10 Halimione portulacoides; is now known as Atriplex portulacoides. Tilia x europea; now known as T. x vulgaris.

p.11 E. circutarium; should read E. cicutarium (4 entries).

p.12 O. latifolia var. cornubiensis; should read O. latifolia (Cornish type). After SIMAROUBACEAE, add (planted).

Ilex aquifolia; should read Ilex aquifolium.

p.13 Euonymus japonica; should read Euonymus japonicus. Melilotus altissima & alba; should read altissimus & albus.

p.14 Melilotus indica; should read M. indicus. Lotus uliginosus; is now called L. pedunculatus.

L. angustissimus; entry should read Cliffs Sq.12. OJ 1981 a. vr. 6-8.

p.15 4 microspesies; should read 4 microspecies. Fragaria ananassa; should read Fragaria x ananassa.

Aphanes microcarpa; became A. inexspectata and is now called A. australis.

p.17 ESCALLONIACEAE now included in GROSSULARIACEAE. Eleagnus glabra; should read Elaeagnus glabra.

p.16 above "most species..." ; insert P.x fruticans. Delete Crassula tillea.

p.18 Chamaenerion angustifolium; now called Chamerion angustifolium.

Oenothera erythrosepala; now called O. glazioviana. HALORAGIDACEAE now changed to HALORAGACEAE.


p.19 Ligustum scoticum; should read Levisticum officinale. Euphorbia peplis is probably now extinct. E. lathyrus; should read E. lathyris.

p.20 E. cyparissus; should read E. cyparissias. F. baldschmanica; should read F. aubertii (P. baldschuanicum).

Polygonum spp. amphibium, lapathifolium & hydropiper are all now called Persicaria and the suffix -um (specific names) is now -a. Polygonum persicaria; now Persicaria maculosa. Reynoutria japonica; now Fallopia japonica.

p.21 Rheum x cultorum; is now called R. x hybridum. Ulmus cornubiensis; is now called U. minor ssp. sarniensis.

p.23 L. binervosum; add ssp.sarniense var. aurigniense. Anagallis arvensis (incl. var.etc; should read (incl. colour forms

p.24 B. weyeriana & B. globosa; add (probably planted). APOCYANACEAE should read APOCYNACEAE.

Centaurium erythrea; should read C. erythraea.

p.25 Echium piniana; should read E. pininana. Belbine; should read Bellbine (twice).

Solanum sarracoides; should read S. sarachoides. Lycopersicum; should read Lycopersicon.

p.26 Veronica pollita; should read V. polita.

p.27 Euphrasia nemorosa (incl E.curta). LABIATAE now changed to LAMIACEAE.

Thymus praecox; is now called T. polytrichus ssp. britannicus.

p.28 Nepeta x faasenii should read; Nepeta x faassenii. Asperula cynanchia; should read Asperula cynanchica.

p.30 Eupatorium cannabium; should read E. cannabinum.

p.31 Matricaria matricarioides; is now called M. discoides. A. nemorosum should read; A. minus subsp. nemorosum.

p.32 Leontodon taraxacoides; is now called L. saxatilis. Picris hieracioides; should read P. hieracoides.

Hieracium pilosella; is now called Pilosella officinarum H. peleteranum; is now called Pilosella peleterana.

p.33 MONOCOTYLEDONES now changed to LILIIDAE. Kniphofia praecox; now confirmed as K. tuckii.

Ornithogallum umbellatum; is now known as Ornithogallum angustifolium.

p.35 Tritonia crocosmiflora; is now known as Crocosmia X crocosmiiflora. (Note the double 'i').

p.36 Scirpus maritimus; is now called Bulboschoenus maritimus. C. divulsa; add ssp. divulsa.

p.37 Carex demissa; now C. viridula. Desmazeria spp.; now Catapodium again. GRAMINAE now changed to POACEAE.

Lolium hybridum; is now known as L. x boucheanum. Poa subcaerulea; is now known as P. humilis.

p.38 B. hordaceus; should read B. hordeaceus. Elymus spp.; are now called Elytrigia and some specific names changed.

p.39 Cross out Hordeum marinum. Polypogon viridis; insert, refound MK 1995.

p.40 Arundinaria japonica; is now known Pseudosasa japonica. A. anceps; is now known as Yushania anceps.

PLEASE NOTE; A revised, much enlarged and updated edition of this work, including all new records and changes of name and taxonomic sequence, has been prepared and is already available on CD-Rom with 640 distribution maps & over 800 photos