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I am a keen naturalist and photographer and have also made a considerable study of Alderney's history and published a number of books on both the natural history and history of the island. Those still available are listed in the attached page, (click the link on the Home page or here)

I have been the Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI), Recorder for Alderney, now renamed ("The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland" with the same initials), since 1992 and a Founder-Director of the Alderney Wildlife Trust, since its formation in May 2002, for the period 2007-2010, its President and, for the five previous years, Hon. Treasurer.

At the AGM in May 2014 and again in May 2015 I was elected as President of the AWT for another year each time, but did not stand again, whilst remaining as a director and a member of the Management Committee.

Visitors to the island with a special interest in botany are asked to forward lists of the plants they have noted, together with the site reference, (see map available from this page) to the address given above, for inclusion in the Island botanical database. A record card with a full list of the island's recorded flora; as well as some of the books; can be obtained from me, or from the new Wildlife Trust Office at "Slades", 48 Victoria Street, whilst you are here.

Some 1,090 different species of flowering plant have been recorded in the island since records were first published by in 1824. About 900 of these can still be found today, a number far exceeding that of most places with a land area of less than 2,000 acres (under 9 sq. Km.). My database now contains almost 14,000 'sightings' of Alderney plants since those in the first published book by Charles Babington in 1839 and several others since, notably those by Marquand in 1903 and McClintock in 1975, both having sections covering Alderney in their Florae of Guernsey.

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