Part 1.

A Very Wild Island


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Map of Alderney Page vi

Introduction Pages 1-3

Region 1. NW. coast Pages 4-23

Region 2. La Petite Blaye Pages 24-28

Region 3. The North Coastal strip Pages 29-37

Region 4. The Town of St. Anne Pages 38-44

Region 5. Les Rochers Pages 45-48

Region 6. Mannez & Longis Pages 49-62

Region 7. The East Coast, -Longis Bay Pages 63-75

Region 8. S.E. Coast, Longis Nunnery-

Bluestone Bay Pages 76-84

Region 9. South Cliffs - Telegraph Bay Pages 85-90

Region 10. SW. & West Coasts. Trois Vaux,

Le Giffoine, etc. Pages 91-94

Region 11. Burhou, Little Burhou & the

Offshore islets and stacks Pages 95-104

Alderney's Ramsar site Map and species lists Pages 105-112

Index to Part 1. Pages 113-124

List of Illustrations to Part 1. Pages 125-127

Part 2.

A Monthly Nature Diary of the Island throughout

a year. Selected from 2000 to 2004 Pages 129 - 196

Part 3.

Various species records

Alderney Bird List Pages 197-202

Alderney Dragonfly List Page 203

Alderney Butterfly List Pages 204-206

Alderney Macro-Moth List Pages 207-214

Alderney Plant List Pages 215-228

Fish lists and Fishing Records Pages 229-244


1. Protective Legislation Pages 233-240

2. Climate Tables Pages 241-244

Annual Updates from 2006 on

Updates 1-3. Pages 1-21